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Evergreen Truck Driving School Serving Renton

Evergreen Truck Driving School Offering Accelerated Program For The Renton Area

We offer the Renton area a comprehensive, hands-on truck driver training program that exceeds Washington State requirements for obtaining your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).Our CDL training program takes 160 hours. This means that you can earn a Class A CDL license in four weeks hands-On Training. Most of your driving instruction time is spent in the truck; either on our closed course or on the road. Classes are small - you will be guaranteed the “behind-the-wheel” time that you need to begin your professional trucking career. And, individual instruction means that you get quick answers and valuable driving experience.

Defensive driving-Refresher Course.

This Course will provide you with the knowledge and professional ability to drive your Class A vehicle. We will teach you how to be aware of Hazards on the road and to respond with emergency movements.

Highly dedicated staff is waiting for you.

You can depend on our highly qualified and experienced staff and instructors to work with you to help develop your knowledge in the classroom and skills on the practice course and on the road. With literally years of experience our instructors not only provide students with professional driving skills, but decades of knowledge gained in the trucking industry. These are people with real life experiences. They know and can teach you what to do when the unexpected happens.

To become the best, you need to learn from the best!


Evergreen Truck Driving School meets the needs of Washington State students by providing a Class "A" education for a Class "A" license For The Renton Area.

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